Carbon Black N772

 Carbon black is mainly used to strengthen rubber in tires, but can also act as a pigment, UV stabilizer, and conductive or insulating agent in a variety of rubber, plastic,   ink and coating applications. Apart from tires, other everyday uses of carbon black include hoses, conveyor belts, plastics, printing inks and automotive coatings.

 N772: A low surface area and structure grade used in applications requiring minimal hysteresis and reinforcement that provides excellent processibility such as innerliners and numerous rubber goods. Easy mixing, high loading, and easy extrusion black. Used in belts, hoses, molded goods, and footwear.

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Excellent Flexibility

Oil Resistance

Easy Processing

High Heat Resistance

High Impermeability

Fuel Resistance

Grease Resistance

Product Classification

Class Features Application Package Download
N772 Easy Mixing, High Loading, Easy Extrusion Black, Excellent Processibility, Numerous Rubber Goods Like Belts, Hoses, Molded Goods, Footwear Big Bag (1100 KG) and Small Bag (25 KG) Click to download