Latex HA

Latex HA

 High Ammonia Latex Concentrate (HA Latex) – This grade is the most common grade of latex used worldwide and after compounding has wide applications in manufacture of dipped products like medical gloves, industrial gloves, rubber thread, balloons, condoms etc. It is also used as an adhesive in many different types of industrial applications such as for carpet backing etc.


 Concentrated Latex is packed or shipped in three main ways. The first is in steel drums of net weight 205kg/drum. A 20’FCL can carry 80 drums with a net weight of 16.4 m/tons. The second method of packing is in disposable or non-returnable flexi-bags in containers carrying approximately 20m/tons per 20’ container. A third method of transporting latex is through returnable or leased iso-tanks.

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