Standard Vietnamese Rubber CV 60

 Natural Rubbers have good resilience, abrasion and surface friction properties and excellent compression set. It has low hysteresis and rolling resistance with high fatigue resistance and remains flexible at low temperatures.Natural rubber has poor resistance to oil, sunlight and ozone and limited thermal capability.


 Natural rubber’s superior tear strength and excellent resistance to heat buildup continues to make it a favored ingredient for high-performance tires for race cars, trucks, buses and aircraft. Other applications include tank lining, engine mounts, seals, vibration dampening and diaphragms.

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Wear Resistance

Impact Durability

Easy Processing

Product Classification

Class Features Application Package Download
SVR CV 60 Good Resilience, Abrasion, Surface Friction and Excellent Compression Set Tire Industry, Tank Lining, Engine Mounts, Seals, Vibration Dampening and Diaphragms, Conveyor Belts 35 KGS Bale, 20.16 MT Container Click to download